Featured Display Design

Featured Design

20' x 40' Custom Island with Private Meeting Space 

This extremely flexible custom island exhibit solution can be acquired as a rental, purchase or a hybrid rental/lease/purchase option. Numerous key exhibit elements can be combined in the ample 800 square feet of floor space.

This display features:

  • Strategic traffic flow design for maximum impact
  • Private meeting room
  • Kiosks with TV monitors and interactive technology options
  • Casual bar seating area for networking and socializing
  • Multi-level branding areas for soaring imagery
  • Laminated canopy with dramatic pendant lighting
  • Vinyl wood flooring

Every element in your exhibit space says something about your brand. Once you have determined the exact purpose of your display, this 20’ x 40’ design can be maximized to accomplish your goals. The design house you choose as a partner must have the vision and experience to blend form and function into a successful marketing vehicle.

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